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My Husband, Jerry, and I, Samantha, have a passion for Crete. We have been visiting the island for the last twenty years and after much exploring we have found the perfect place, which we are excited to share with others.

We have made many friends over the years, which has made Crete feel like our second home. We spend as much of the school holidays here as we can and our daughter is picking up the language.

Our houses are a piece of traditional Crete, which are set in the picturesque, tranquil village of Melidoni. The village is close to the beautiful beaches and lively towns of Crete but set back, which ensures spellbinding views and a taste of the real Cretan culture.

The calm and serenity is unrivalled, with the birds singing, goat bells, and gentle mountain breeze only adding to the atmosphere. This provides the perfect backdrop in which to enjoy the private swimming pool and garden, while taking in the panoramic sea views. As the balmy evening sets in, you cannot help but be transfixed by the luminous stars and vivid Milky Way. 

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